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DataMatters is a computer software company which provides MultiValue/Pick application software and consulting services to the insurance industry. DataMatters Limited is located in Heywood, Lancashire, UK.

Datamatters is one of the CISG group of companies, whose other subsidiaries are Coversure Insurance Services Ltd and Policyfast Ltd.

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Insurance Systems Internet Applications EDI Management Pick Application Ssoftware Graphic User Interface


Coversure Insurance Services

Coversure Insurance Services is a group of Independent Insurance Intermediaries with offices in locations throughout the United Kingdom offering insurance to private individuals and commercial organisations.



Policyfast is a wholesale underwriting agency designed to deliver targeted products to the UK’s High Street broking market. Their product range provides access to competitive products in many niche areas, utilising some of the UK’s main Insurers.

Latest News at Datamatters

Datamatters' Annual BBQ

On Sunday 4th June, Datamatters held their annual BBQ at Bowley International Scout Campsite & Activity Centre.

The Chairman's Charities: To Hull And Backā€¦

Coversure auctioned off the service of the Operations Board Directors. Andy Price, the Franchise Holder of Coversure Hull, was the winning bidder on Steve Parker, John Barringer and Datamatters' own Jenny Taylor.

Datamatters Bridge Team win the Higson Cup

Datamatters sponsored bridge team “The Curry Eaters” won the Manchester Knockout teams competition in a year long competition that ended in a final victory at Manchester Bridge Club on April 26th.